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Welcome To Lodge Rothes No 532







Can I take this opportunity to give all visitors to our website a hearty and warm welcome.

November will be a busy month at Lodge Rothes.
On Wednesday 15th there will be an Initiation Ceremony to welcome a new member into Freemasonry.This meeting will begin at 7.15pm.

On Wednesday November 29th (5th Wednesday of the month) a Second Degree will take place on a progressing candidate which will be worked by the Reigning Masters of the following Lodges, 19, 106, 532, 1260, 1549 and 1599. All qualified brethren will be welcomed as usual.
 We will  tyle at 7.15pm.

All qualified Members are cordially invited to both of these meetings when the usual warm Leslie welcome awaits.




George Johnson, RWM.


 Our Lodge meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month  

September to April 


Lodge Rothes Members are urged to attend Lodge meetings

Your Lodge needs your support 





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